How Sweet (16) It Is FGCU!!!



Have you ever witnessed over 4000 fans with tears flowing from their eyes, boisterous cheering from the top of their lungs, and numerous random acts of the Harlem shake in Fort Myers? I am not talking about an experience from a major rock concert, but Fort Myers’ celebration of the FGCU Men’s basketball team. Yes! Florida Gulf Coast University’s Eagles are going to the Sweet 16 NCAA Basketball tournament. When we talk about March Madness in these parts, we normally are referring to the sea of spring breakers that flood our city’s beaches or the increased traffic from the many tourists that invade our city’s streets. But not this year! No sir!

The city of Fort Myers is beaming with pride from their Eagles’ performance in the tournament. We can brag about not only our amazing beaches, wonderful quality of life, cheap cost of living, but now our college sports. In your face Georgetown Hoyas! No soup for you San Diego Aztecs! We are coming for you Florida Gators! The Eagles are soaring and are hungry. I heard they taste like chicken.

As I watch the campus pep rally at Alico Arena with gleam, I am quite impressed at the national fascination with FGCU and a group of guys who are doing the impossible. As the first 15th seed to reach the round of 16, I guess that should command a lot of media attention. ESPN, CNN, and even the major networks have mentioned FGCU and its men’s basketball squad in one fashion or another. So on behalf of the city and Oodles 2 Do – Chase Fieler, Eric Mcknight, Sherwood Brown, Brett Comer, Bernard Thompson, Eddie Murray, Coach Enfield and the rest of the basketball squad – we thank you! And go kick some Gator butt!!

For more pictures of the pep rally then go to Oodles 2 Do

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