Great Food, Huge Laughs & More @ Kumo Japanese Steakhouse

dining in fort myersdining in fort myers

Have you ever had the pleasure of tasting Japanese Ketchup or Japanese Coca Cola? What about drinking flying Sake? How about being serenaded by your chef to the tunes of Psy’s Gangnam style and Justin Beiber’s Body Rock? Well, I experienced all of those and more at Kumo Japanese steakhouse. Dining in Fort Myers have never been better!

I love Japanese steakhouses. I love to dip all of my food in Yum Yum sauce, so much so that I always request a double helping. I typically don’t bother with the ginger sauce. At Kumo, I ordered the Hibachi shrimp dinner and Tunde ordered the steak dinner. Both meals were superbly seasoned with what chef Adi called Japanese ketchup and Japanese Coca Cola. These were actually a secret soy sauce and teriyaki sauce blends that chef Adi would not share with us. He said “If I told you then I would have to kill you.” Since he was very skilled with knives, we thought we would not press the issue. So we decided to just enjoy our meal.

The combination of the sauces and garlic butter made for an intensely tasty dinner. The same great ingredients were also used for the fried rice and mixed vegetables. While preparing the rice, the chef started singing, and then asked if anyone wanted some flying sake? Tunde obliged him. To our surprise, the chef squirted sake in Tunde’s mouth from across the Hibachi grill. Picture sake being squirted about two feet in the air into someone’s mouth. It was quite hilarious! Although I am not a big fan of ginger sauce, I tried it since our experience so far has been spectacular. And as one would guess, that was really good too.

The food was delicious and plentiful and the laughs were bountiful at Kumo Japanese steakhouse! Share your favorite dinner moments with us. Tell us of your favorite Japanese restaurant in Fort Myers.

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