Sand Artisans Sculpt Masterpieces for Charity @ Fort Myers Beach




Every time Tunde and I walk along a beach, we often wonder why so many people (mostly kids) dig holes or bury themselves in sand. Every now and then you will see a few sandcastles made, but nothing more. Next time you’re at the beach, look around and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Now I must admit, I can barely dig an adequate hole let alone sculpt anything. That’s pretty sad, isn’t it? Since my sand sculpting skills are non-existent, I was curious about what sorts of sculptures I would see at the Sand Bash For Charity event at Ft. Myers Beach this past weekend.

This event was an All-Women’s Sand Sculpting Competition coupled with supporting breast cancer awareness. The competition brought master sculptors from all over the world, including Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Latvia and Australia. I had a feeling the sculptures would be impressive and boy was I right! The sculptures were absolutely breathtaking! Tunde and I just shook our heads in awe from the craftsmanship exhibited. We quickly realized why so many of us resort to digging holes in the sand. Sand sculpting is hard! We still have no idea how these artisans get the sand to stay in place to create their masterpieces.

In addition to the impressive sand sculptures, some ice sculptures were made too. Master Sculptor, Melineige Beauregard, from Quebec turned blocks of ice into beautiful works of art. To watch her at work was amazing! There was also an amateur tournament for the brave souls that thought they had some skills. Needless to say, many of them should not quit their day job. Those who stayed passed sunset were rewarded with a dazzling light display of the sculptures. The light shining on them really highlighted their intricate details. For more amazing images of the competition go to our Facebook page. We would love to hear which sculpture is your favorite.

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